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Dive Dry with Dr. Bill

Weekly Newspaper Column

Dr. Bill Bushing writes a weekly newspaper column titled "Dive Dry with Dr. Bill." This column uses a humorous style to present topics in marine ecology, conservation and natural history. Each column includes a full-color digital image illustrating that week's subject.

Although specific audiences include SCUBA divers, free divers and fishers, the articles are also written to better inform the general public about our regional marine world including the kelp forests of southern California. Jacques Cousteau often said people protect what they love, and love what they know. Although divers have the most intimate acquaintance with our underwater world, it is important that all citizens, especially those living near our magnificent coastline, have some familiarity with its unique residents and their interactions, so they will be more informed about the need to protect them.

Passage of the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) in California requires that a series of scientifically designed marine protected areas (MPA's) be established in California waters. This is to ensure relatively intact ecosystems are available for scientific research, education, and non-consumptive use. In addition these reserves fulfill an important role in providing stock to replenish surrounding areas where fishing and other consumptive uses occur, and fish or invertebrate stocks may be depleted.

Newspapers may subscribe to this column in a quartterly, semi-annual or annual basis. Subscription rates are based on readership, but are priced at attractive levels to help ensure a broader distribution. Please contact Dr. Bill for further information.

In the following list, the columns are presented chronologically.

Click on the following link to see each column:

  1. Garibaldi nesting
  2. Sheephead
  3. Nudibranchs
  4. Black Sea Bass
  5. Cleaning Symbiosis
  6. Sea Urchins
  7. Halfmoon
  8. Octopus
  9. Moray Eel
  10. Bat Ray
  11. San Miguel Island
  12. Abalone
  13. Flatfish
  14. Spiny Lobster
  15. Senorita
  16. Giant Kelp
  17. Cormorants
  18. Shovelnose Guitarfish
  19. Cup Corals
  20. Harbor Seal
  21. The Valiant
  22. Elkhorn Kelp
  23. The Sea of Cortez Revisited, Part I
  24. The Sea of Cortez Revisited, Part II
  25. Black Perch
  26. Giant Kelpfish
  27. Isla Santa Catalina, Gulf of California, Mexico
  28. Triggerfish
  29. California Sea Lion
  30. Sex in the Underwater World
  31. Cabezon
  32. Navanax
  33. Gray Whale
  34. Sheep Crab
  35. Electric Rays
  36. Soupfin Sharks
  37. Invasive Species
  38. Plankton
  39. Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) and MPA's
  40. Gorgonians or Soft Corals
  41. Great White Shark
  42. Variable Starfish
  43. Biogeography
  44. Marine Grasses
  45. Scythe Butterflyfish
  46. Food Chains and Webs
  47. Kelp or Calico Bass
  48. The Eco-Evolutionary Spiral
  49. Fried-Egg Jellyfish
  50. Healthy Seafood Choices
  51. Blacksmith
  52. Beach Bunnies (Sea Hares)
  53. Opaleye
  54. Flying Fish
  55. Cruising for a Bruising?
  56. Murphy's Law
  57. Ornate Fireworm
  58. Why I'm Not Against Fishing
  59. My Hypothesis on Poor Vis and Great Whites
  60. Mola mola
  61. Complacency Can Kill
  62. Blue Whale
  63. Talcott Shoals, Santa Rosa Island
  64. Munching and Mating Part I: Bat Rays Feeding
  65. Munching and Mating Part II: Giant Kelpfish Mating
  66. Pacific Electric or Torpedo Ray
  67. Ctenophores or Comb Jellies
  68. The Lion Nudibranch: In the Jungle... the Lion Sleeps
  69. Humpback Whales- Songsters of the Sea
  70. Rock Wrasse
  71. Feather Feet- Barnacles
  72. Crown-of-Thorns Starfish (Baja)
  73. Balloonfish (Baja)
  74. Poor Nemo!
  75. Where's the Lettuce?: Temperate and Tropical Food Chains
  76. Ocean Whitefish
  77. Chitons
  78. Bottlenose Dolphin
  79. What's in a Name?
  80. Kellet Whelk
  81. Sperm Whale
  82. Cerianthid Anemone
  83. Common Dolphin
  84. Giant Keyhole Limpet
  85. Belize Me- Hawksbill Turtles
  86. The Boxer- Banded Coral Shrimp
  87. In Stunning Black-and-White: The Spotted Drum
  88. The Flying Gurnards
  89. Sea Pansies
  90. Cities Under the Sea
  91. Ecological Equivalents
  92. Phoronids
  93. Owl Limpets
  94. Why Die?
  95. First the Tide Rushes In
  96. Gary Baldi Does "It" Again
  97. Underwater Nuptials
  98. Purple-striped jellyfish
  99. Blind as a Bat... Ray
  100. Carnage at the Casino: Kelp Bass hit Jack Mackerel
  101. A Solution to Abalone Poaching
  102. Leopard Sharks
  103. Mating Sheep Crabs
  104. Horn Sharks
  105. Pacific Barracuda
  106. Shifting Baselines
  107. Jack Mackerel
  108. Marine GIS
  109. Divin' with Hurricane Ivan
  110. Scallop Stumps Scripps Scientists
  111. CAUTION- Construction Zone (Octopus Digging)
  112. Wreck of the Pisces
  113. Grass Rockfish
  114. Guadalupe Cardinalfish
  115. Leafy Hornmouth
  116. Myxicola or Coca Cola?
  117. Urchin Barrens
  118. Paper Nautilus
  119. Baby Boom
  120. Cerianthid "Anemones"
  121. Great white shark diving, Isla Guadalupe, Mexico Part 1
  122. Great white shark diving, Isla Guadalupe, Mexico Part 2
  123. Great white shark diving, Isla Guadalupe, Mexico Part 3
  124. Feathers That Sting, not Tickle- Feather Hydroids
  125. What a "Swell" Shark
  126. Plumes and Blooms (Phytoplankton in Winter)
  127. Round Stingray
  128. Winged Pearl Oyster... Invasive, or Not?
  129. Warty Sea Cucumber (Namako: Do You Prefer it Raw or Pickled?)
  130. The Boring Treefish
  131. An Angel of a Shark
  132. A Little Disturbed, Are We? (ecological disturbance)
  133. 'Tis the Season... Not (Christmas tree worms)
  134. Got the Itch? Scratch It! (giant kelpfish parasites)
  135. At Loggerheads... Not!
  136. Turn my World Upside Down... or Downside Up!
  137. You Think Your Sex Life is Strange?
  138. Goliath Grouper
  139. A Nervous Wreck: Wrecks of SE Florida
  140. A Shrimp of an Abalone
  141. Zebra Goby
  142. Irrefutable Proof Marine "Reserves" Work
  143. Northern Elephant Seals
  144. Run, Grunion, Run!
  145. Are You Re-Certifiable?
  146. Blue Banded Goby: Not Quite Red, White and Blue
  147. Why "Dive Dry with Dr. Bill?"
  148. An "African Safari" Here at Home (Zebra Perch)
  149. Good Dives with Good Relations
  150. But It's So Dark Down There!
  151. 60 Feet Under (Not 6 Feet!)
  152. Cwazy Wabbits (Black Sea Hares)
  153. Black Croaker: Out to Make an Impression!
  154. Please Don't Harrass the (Black Sea) Bass!
  155. Butterfly (Fish) are Free
  156. Barracuda Bonanza
  157. An Underwater Arts Festival (Sea Fan Grotto)
  158. Yellowtail... Yahoo!
  159. Up in a Cloud of "Smoke" (Rock Wrasse Mating Swarm)
  160. Written in Stone (Yellowtail Point)
  161. A Jelly "Fish" by any Other Name (Chrysaora colorata)
  162. "School" is Back in Session (bonito)
  163. Other Intelligent Life on Planet Earth (Sea Lions)
  164. What are You doing Here (brittle star Ophiopsilla californica)
  165. The PEN is Mightier than the SWORD (white sea pen)
  166. Orange Puffball Sponge
  167. Why Red and Brown vs. Green Algae?
  168. Mantis Shrimp
  169. A Fragile Rainbow (Starfish)
  170. 'Tis the Season of the (Bat) Star!
  171. Charles Frederick Holder
  172. Not Your Lucy Liu Ling (Cod)
  173. Calimari Concupiscence, Part I
  174. Calimari Concupiscence, Part II
  175. Return of the "Big Head" (Cabezon)
  176. High Density Development in Avalon [Bryozoa]
  177. A Wet T-Shirt, Jacqueline Bisset and The Deep [Deep Diving]
  178. Valentine's Day Roses I Can Afford [Rose Anemone]
  179. Farnworth Bank and the Purple Hydrocoral
  180. The Red Spotted Starfish
  181. The Windmill Worm
  182. The Sand Star
  183. Soft Bottoms and Purple Olives
  184. Shooting Sea Lions In(to) a Barrel (Oil and the Marine Environment)
  185. The Moon Snail
  186. Littorina Lust
  187. Dive Your Plan
  188. What Turns You On (Orangethroat Pikeblenny)?
  189. The "Frayed Rope" Siphonophore (Apolemia)
  190. The Crevice Sea Cucumber
  191. Something in the Way She Moved (Mating Bat Rays)
  192. Just a Few Dollars More (Sand Dollars)
  193. Gopher Rockfish
  194. The Slender or Graceful Crab
  195. Hey Sluggo... Dr. Bill Here! (California Sea Slug)
  196. Bald Eagle... Almost a Turkey!
  197. A Courting We Wil Go... Crazy (Orangethroat Pikeblennies)
  198. Xantus' Swimming Crabs
  199. A Pipe(fish) Dream
  200. Mating Can Be Deadly
  201. Nothing Could be Fina' Than Tylodina fungina
  202. Rosy the Rockfish
  203. The Shortspined Combfish
  204. Float Like a Butterfly(fish)!
  205. As the Abalone Turns
  206. Bat Star Courtship
  207. Eight Arms to Hold You (Octopus Mating)
  208. Look Who's Munching Now (Yellowtail)
  209. Take Only Pictures
  210. Bacteria
  211. Like a Rainbow... Scorpionfish
  212. The Blues... Part One
  213. The Blues... Part Two
  214. Chestnut Cowry
  215. Holy Mackerel, Batman... Fish Farts
  216. "Deadly" Zoanthids
  217. Something "Hot" from the Cold Depths [Chilipepper]
  218. In Hot Water
  219. An Asian Beauty... Not! [Sargassum filicinum]
  220. Daughter of the Wind, Part I (Cousteau's Alcyone)
  221. Daughter of the Wind, Part II (Cousteau's Alcyone)
  222. Coffee Beans... But Not from Starbucks (Solander's trivia)
  223. Cormorants: Birds That Swim, Fish That Fly
  224. Brachiopods: Lampshells That "Light" the Deep
  225. Flatworms: Fencing Fools
  226. Mating Mantis Shrimp May Get Munched
  227. Take a Lick... of Kelp or Ice Cream! [Green Abalone]
  228. Tyrannosaurus Morayensis! [Moray Eeel]
  229. Mate Selection [Octopus Mating]
  230. Munching NOT Mating- Shark Attack! [Sheep Crab Feeding]
  231. Crab Cocktail... without the Sauce [Octopus Eating Crab]
  232. Now That's Using Your Noodle! [Sea Cucumber Eviscerating]
  233. Slate Pencil Urchin
  234. Draining the Dive Park to Save Avalon
  235. Striped Shore Crabs
  236. Spaghetti Worms... A Sticky Subject!
  237. Thornback Ray... A Day of Firsts!
  238. It Starts at the Top [Killing Sharks]
  239. Descended from Urchins [Purple Sea Urchin DNA]
  240. Have a Heart... Urchin
  241. Southern Kelp Crab
  242. Butterflyfish Babies
  243. The Horned Aeolid (Hermissanda crassicornis)
  244. Light The Way... Please
  245. Jellies... Without the Sting [Ctenophores]
  246. Keep It Clean [Giant Sea Bass Cleaner Fish]
  247. Cousteau on Catalina
  248. Just for the Halibut [California Halibut]
  249. Sting of the Scorpion(fish) [California or Spotted Scorpionfish]
  250. #250... But Who's Counting? [Dives in La Jolla]
  251. The Island Kelpfish
  252. The Munchability of Mullineri [nudibranch Peltodoris mullineri]
  253. Shovelnose Guitarfish
  254. Must be Your Relative! [Salp Cyclosalpa affinis]
  255. Shark and Awe: The Shortfin Mako
  256. Not at My Mom's Dinner Table! [Ocean Whitefish]
  257. Take It to the Cleaners [Halfmoon Cleaning Mola mola]
  258. Up the Bean Stalk... er, Kelp Stipe [Sheep Crabs]
  259. Homogenized? No Thanks! [Invasive Species]
  260. If They Can Do It... Why Can't We? [Deep Water Red Alga Maripelta rotata]
  261. Venice, Florida... Quite a Mouthful! [Shark Tooth Diving]
  262. Acro-Bat Star-ics [Bat Stars]
  263. Xenophobia [Coralline Red Algae]
  264. Politically Incorrect [Common Names]
  265. What Constitutes a Predator?
  266. Weirdo Spearos
  267. That's a Lot of Bull... Kelp [Nereocystis luetkeana]
  268. Just Where is That Nudi Beach [Acanthodoris hudsoni and A. rhodoceras]
  269. A Snoozin' Seal [Harbor Seal]
  270. "Fly" Me to the Moon... Jellies [Moon Jellies]
  271. A Valentine's Pansy? [Sea Pansies]
  272. Mapping Accuracy
  273. Salema
  274. Pilotfish
  275. Sargo
  276. Rainbow Star
  277. Wakame... But In Its Place [Undaria Pinnatifida]
  278. The Spiny Skinned Critters [Echinoderms]
  279. The Sunflower Starfish
  280. The "Sheepish" Crab
  281. The Wavy Top Snail
  282. Oops... Pardon Me [Male Sheep Crabs "Mating']
  283. Stop Your Brooding... Not! [The Brooding Anemone]
  284. Warm Water Wussies [Holothuria zacae]
  285. The Sharks and the Bees
  286. In the Market... for Squid!
  287. Beam Me Up, Scottie... er, Karl [USC Recompression/Decompression Chamber]
  288. The Staghorn Bryozoan
  289. Nibbled Nipples [The Aggregated Nipple Sponge]
  290. The Rainbow Dendronotus [Dendronotus iris]
  291. A Pretty "Cheeky" Fish [White Sea Bass]
  292. Narc'ed? Gee, I Hope Not!
  293. Knobby or Giant Spined Starfish
  294. Is There an Urchin Doctor in the House [Black Urchin]?
  295. Anchors Away [Anchor Damage to Reefs and the White Sea Cucumber]
  296. My New Dive Buddy
  297. Gentle Giants... Let Them Be [Goant Sea Bass]
  298. A Barely Bloody Star [Blood Star]
  299. A Not-So-Sheepish Sheephead
  300. Our Meals... and Fish Meal
  301. Green Turtles... in Hot Water
  302. Barred Sand Bass... Barred from What?
  303. Tying the Knot... Down Under [Underwater Wedding]
  304. SoCal and Catalina MPA's, Part I
  305. SoCal and Catalina MPA's, Part II
  306. Fried, Scrambled or Poached? [Snail Eggs]
  307. Do's and Don'ts in the Dive Park [Dive Park Etiquette]
  308. Nothing Could be Finer than a Little Flabellina [Spanish shawl nudibranch]
  309. Jack Frost... the Lacy Bryozoan
  310. Deep Ecology
  311. The Noble (not Nobel) Dorid
  312. A Commoner... The Kelp Snail
  313. You Old Fossil! [Helicoplacus]
  314. Rhodoliths... Riddle Solved!
  315. Dreaming of Palm "Trees" and Sunny Beaches [Southern Sea Palm kelp]
  316. Chitons... The Undersea Armadillos
  317. Sea Gulls... Rats of the Sea
  318. Painted Greenlings... Nature's Artists at Work
  319. Proving We are "the Stuff"
  320. Have You Spotted... the Spotted Kelpfish?
  321. A Whale... of a Shark [Whale Sharks at the Georgia Aquarium]
  322. A Giant... Among the Clinids [Giant Kelpfish]
  323. Don't Be So Sarcastic... Fringehead!
  324. Turning Vinegar Into Wine [Algal biofuels]
  325. One Critter's Trash is Another Critter's Home
  326. The Infidel's Ghastly Ghost Net
  327. A Skeleton of a "Shrimp" [Caprellid Amphipods]
  328. Why We Need Marine Reserves, Part I: Baselines
  329. Why We Need Marine Reserves, Part II: Successes
  330. Why We Need Marine Reserves, Part III: Design Criteria
  331. Dancing in a Hula Skirt [The Hula Skirt Siphonophore, Physophora hydrostatica]
  332. The Sex Life of Gobies
  333. Scientific Names Can Be Important [Epizoanthus giveni]
  334. How Kelp Helped Win "The War"
  335. What Good is Kelp Anyway [Products Made from Kelp]
  336. Giant Kelp: A Worthy Subject for a Lifetime
  337. The Mating Habits of Giant Kelp
  338. Sheephead in the Skies
  339. The SCUBA Show
  340. Boldly Go Where... (The Roddenberry Dive Team)
  341. San Miguel Island... Exotic, But Cold
  342. Working on My Night Moves [Night Dive]
  343. An "Egregious: Error [Egregia menziesii]
  344. The Return of Gary Garibaldi
  345. (Sea)Weeds: "Plants Out of Place" [Sargassum filicinum]
  346. A Different Kind of "Jaws" {Humboldt squid]
  347. Wreck Alley, Part I: A "Nervous" Wreck
  348. Wreck Alley, Part II: Way Up North- The Yukon
  349. Diving D'Yellow Boat
  350. Plankton, Part 1: You'd Better Sweat The Small Stuff!
  351. Plankton Part 2: Take Me Away to Where I'm Going [Meroplanktonic larvae]
  352. Carnage at the Casino Redux [Kelp bass and morays hunting blacksmith]
  353. The Barnacle Billy Buffet [Acorn Barnacles]
  354. In the Dark About Mating [Polychaete Worms Spawning]
  355. "Bugs" of a Different "Flavor" [Spiny Lobster]
  356. I Can't Believe I Tried to Eat the Whole Thing [Kelp Bass Munching on Blacksmith]
  357. Up a Tree... Fish! [Treefish]
  358. A Round and A Round and Another Round...
  359. The Tragedy of the Common
  360. Sailor "Home" from the Sea [Velella velella]
  361. Dive Accidents and Speculation
  362. See "Weeds..." But Not Much Else [Sargassum filicinum and night diving]
  363. Blind as Amore.... er, A Moray
  364. Salema: Night and Day
  365. The MLPA's "Integrated Preferred Alternative" Map
  366. It's All in the Genes [DNA testing of fish]
  367. The "Sargastic" Sargo
  368. The "Catalina Blue Perch" [Halfmoon]
  369. Zebra... Perch... Chub [Zebra Perch]
  370. Whale Wars... and the Eating of Flesh
  371. The Rubberlip Seaperch
  372. "Black is Black..." But Not Usually [Black Perch]
  373. Walleye the Bug-Eyed Surfperch
  374. A Cormorant Convention
  375. A Problem with the "Pterodactyls" [Brown Pelicans]
  376. 29th Avalon Harbor Cleanup
  377. The Spiny Sand Star
  378. Sea Trek
  379. Die... Die... Die, Evil Weed [Sargassum filicinum]
  380. Not My Cup of Tea... Er, Soup [Whale Shark Finning]
  381. Black Abalone... Going, Going, Gone!
  382. Spaghetti Alga... But No Sauce? [Chaetomorpha spiralis]
  383. A Perch I Could Take a Shine To [Shiner Surfperch]
  384. Devil Weed Kills Even After Death [Sargassum horneri (= filicinum)]
  385. The Cryptically Colored "Kelpie" [Kelp surfperch]
  386. The "SCUBA Police" [ordinance closes the dive park]
  387. The "SCUBA Prom" [Chamber Day and Evening]
  388. The SCUBA Show
  389. Munched Mola molas
  390. The Pile Surfperch
  391. Starry, Starry Day [Leather Star, Dermasterias imbricata]
  392. Our Long Lost Relative [the Stalked Tunicate, Styela montereyensis]
  393. Copper Clappers... and Rockfish
  394. Urchin Barrens
  395. Oil Spills... Repeating the Past
  396. See... Sea Lice [Parasitic Copepods on Giant Sea Bass]
  397. Soft Coral or Sea Fans [Gorgonians]
  398. The Worms Swim Up... The Worm,s Swim Down [Nereis vexillosa spawning]
  399. The "Shadow" Knows [fish shadowing one another]
  400. The Un-Whole Water Planet [Marine Issues]
  401. Your True Colors, Gary [Garibaldi Nests]
  402. Cousteau Family Camp
  403. Air Octo [octopus "in flight"]
  404. Is It a "Buoy" or a "Gull" [determining gender]
  405. Is It a Seal... ion? [true seals and eared seals]
  406. "Leaping Lobbies" [lobster season]
  407. Almost Skunked (Giant sea bass at night)
  408. Truly Diving Dry with Dr. Bill... and Deep! [Expedition Catalina]
  409. A ROV'ing We Will Go [Expedition Catalina]
  410. Harbor Seals and The Children's Pool
  411. What Did ROV See?
  412. Don't Bend, Fold, Staple or Mutilate [Early Computer Research]
  413. Finicky Eaters and Food Webs
  414. The Water Turkey [Anhinga]
  415. Mermaid or Wo-Manatee [Manatees]
  416. The Smile [The Universe as One]
  417. The "Christmas Crab" [Southern Kelp Crab]
  418. A Gift... But Not What I Hoped For [SoCal MPAs]
  419. My Holiday Gift to You [Munching & Mating Cable TV Show]
  420. The Big "Bad" Wolf... Eel
  421. Mating Orgies... and Woes [Squid Run]
  422. Pistol Shrimp: "Crack" Shots
  423. Fire Bodies... in the Water??? [Pyrosoma atlanticum]
  424. Out of the "Haze" [Dr. Eugenie Clark]
  425. Dinner Delicacies... Off Menu [Tiger sharks eating terrestrial birds]
  426. The Rodney Dangerfields of the Sea [Thatched Barnacles]
  427. Mmmm, Mmmm... NOT Good! [California Assembly Bill 376 Banning Shark Fin Trade]
  428. Sargassum... "OUT" In the Cold [Sargassum horneri]
  429. A "Pea" in a "Pod" [Pea Crabs]
  430. Skeletons... But Not In the Closet [Caprellid Amphipods]
  431. Catch a Wave... Not! [Tsunamis]
  432. Pass the "Plate" [Diving the Seven Continents]
  433. That's a LOT of "Bull" [Northern Elephant Seal]
  434. Sharks on the "Run" [Shark Migration]
  435. Zooxanthellae: The Future of Solar?
  436. Down on the Farm... Down Under [Aquaculture]
  437. Wireweed... Do We Have to be so Sargasstic? [Sargassum muticum]
  438. The Star Thrower
  439. The Spotfin Croaker
  440. California SCUBA Service Award (2011)
  441. What's All The Squawk About? [Black Crowned Night Heron]
  442. Bat Ray "Season"
  443. On with the Show, Part I (Long Beach SCUBA Show)
  444. On with the Show, Part II (Long Beach SCUBA Show)
  445. Say a Little "Praya" for Me! [Siphonophores in the genus Praya]
  446. Orgy... At a Snail's Pace [Mating Kellet's Whelks]
  447. Hips Ala Doris [the nudibranch Hypselodoris californiensis]
  448. Trekkers... In Another Dimension [Sea Trek Monitoring]
  449. Gary... and his Ladies [Garibaldi Mating]
  450. Death by Domoic Acid?
  451. Hey... Bird Brain [Pelicans and Cormorants Stealing Anglers' Fish]
  452. My Date with Ellen! {Diving the Oil Rigs]
  453. WOW... That's Some Owie! [Injured Giant Sea Bass]
  454. The Wonder of a "Child" [Jean-Michel Cousteau and the Cousteau Family Camp]
  455. The Colorful Corynactid Corallimorphs [Strawberry "Anemones"]
  456. A Terrible Tingle, not a Tickle [White feather hydroid, Plumularia]
  457. Drift Away [Kelp Rafting as a Dispersal Agent]
  458. When Is a Mackerel Not a Mackerel? [Jack Mackerel]
  459. Eggs... Ceptional [Octopus Nest]
  460. Pacific Sardine... Canned? Or in Pigs and Chicken?
  461. Pelt-o-Doris [Peltodoris mullineri]
  462. Brittle "Stars" [Ophiothrix spiculata]
  463. Pipefish: A First (For Me) in the Dive Park
  464. Topsmelt
  465. It's Shocking, It's Electrifying [Torpedo Ray]
  466. Just How "Safe" is Your Money? [Safe in the Dive Park]
  467. Just Fiddling Around, Crabby [Fiddler Crabs]
  468. See Ya Later, Alligator
  469. The Green... Heron
  470. When Is a Sheepshead Not a Sheephead? [Florida Sheepshead, Archosargus probatocephalus]
  471. Make That a Big Mac... But Hold the Fries [Cattle Egret]
  472. The Great (R)egret [Great Egret]
  473. Proud as a Peacock
  474. Filming the "Great White" [White Abalone]
  475. All Munching, No Mating [The California Moray]
  476. 50 Years... And I Still Don't Have it Down Pat!
  477. Nature... Kind? [Sea Lions and Mola mola]
  478. A Courtin' We Will Go [Kelp Rockfish]
  479. Pacific or California Barracuda
  480. Oscar: Not One, But Four? [Male Sheephead]
  481. Invasion of the Salps
  482. Kelp Kondos
  483. Baitfish Bonanza
  484. Drugging the Deep [Pharmaceuticals in the Ocean]
  485. The REALLY Big Show [SCUBA SDhow 2012]
  486. Mother's Day Magic [Octopus Mating]
  487. Toxic Clouds in the Sea [Aplysia californica ink]
  488. Paddlers Find Their Oar [Oarfish]
  489. Out and About [Filming for Roger Martin]
  490. In the Jungle, The Mighty Jungle [Navanax inermis]
  491. Hard Science... Hard to Swallow for Some [Anti-Science Attitudes]
  492. A Fish That's Almost Patriotic [Blue-Banded Goby]
  493. Gary Does "The Wild Thing," Part I [Garibaldi Mating]
  494. A S(t)inging Sensation! [Black Sea Nettle, Chrysaora achlyos]
  495. Gary Does "The Wild Thing," Part II [Garibaldi Mating]
  496. Move Over, Blanche... You've Got Company [Flying Fish]
  497. They Take Their Chances... and Roll the Dice [Spawning Worms]
  498. Where are They Today? In the Drink! [Diving with Former Students]
  499. Cousteau Family Camp
  500. Are The Stars Out Today [Baby Starfish]
  501. Making the GSB TV Stars... in Japan [Giant Sea Bass]
  502. Pretty "Babes" All in a Row [Baby Garibaldi]
  503. Bryozoa... and the Proper Baseline [Bugula neritina]
  504. The Bass Didn't Perform [Giant Sea Bass]
  505. Sea Snot
  506. Some "Exotics" Are Welcome (Whitetail Damsel)
  507. With Spines... or Without Spines? [Astropecten]
  508. Prematurely Bald [Bald Sea Urchin Disease]
  509. Never Too Late? [Sargassum horneri Removal]
  510. Fish Poopies
  511. My Cup Coral Runneth Over [Colonial Cup Coral]
  512. Spectacular Night in the Park [Night Dive]
  513. Perch Porn [[Kelp Surfperch and Black Perch Courtship]]
  514. DUI DAWG Days at Casino Point
  515. The Valiant and Prohibition
  516. The "Big Head" [Cabezon]
  517. The Sulphur Sponge
  518. Follow Your Bliss [Holothuria zacae]
  519. Fascinating "Flounder" [Flatfish Evolution]
  520. Where Have all the "Nudis" Gone? [Disappearing Nudibranchs]
  521. The "Barn Door" Halibut [California Halibut]
  522. The "Real" Halibut [Pacific Halibut]
  523. Yellowtail Turned Tail?
  524. Blackbeard's: A Pirate's Life for Me, Part 1
  525. The Shark Whisperer [Stuart Cove Shark Adventure Dive]
  526. Blackbeard's: A Pirate's Life for Me, Part 2
  527. A Blue Hole
  528. Bahamas Vice (Smuggler's Plane)
  529. New King of the Reef [Red Lionfish]
  530. Not All "Jellies" Sting
  531. Sea Elephants and Butterflies [Heteropods and Pteropods]
  532. Dr. Bill, P.I. [The Philippines]
  533. All In One Basket [Basket Star]
  534. Epiphytes
  535. The Good "Brother" [Sargassum palmeri]
  536. Sharks... What, Me Worry?
  537. "Mucking" It Up at Club O
  538. Marquee Species and the "Commoners"
  539. Rhinopias Rule [Weedy Scorpionfish, Philippines]
  540. Baffling Biodiversity [Tropical Biodiversity]
  541. Ornate Ghost Pipefish [Philippines]
  542. RIP: Bob Meistrell, A Legend
  543. The Cuddlefish... er, Cuttlefish
  544. (Almost) Stranded in Sabang [Philippines]
  545. Turtle Island
  546. When is a Horse Not a Horse? [Seahorses]
  547. Photo Taxes... or Phototaxis
  548. Not Too Flamboyant for My Taste [Flamboyant Cuttlefish]
  549. Munching & Mating... But at the Same Time? [Southern Kelp Crab]
  550. The Battle of the Beasts [Kelp Bass and Morays]
  551. I Didn't Make the Rules [Kayaks in the Dive Park]
  552. DO Feed the Animals
  553. Hunting Lions in the Hood [Melibe leonina, the Lion Nudibranch]
  554. Love or Live? [Ophioderma panamense Brittle Starts Spawning]
  555. Banded Sea Krait
  556. What Turns You On? {Light Sensitive Sea Cucumbers]
  557. They Get So Crabby At Night {Black-Clawed Crab]
  558. A Thorny Subject [Thornback "Rays"]
  559. Munching... and Defending Your Life [Octopus and Southern Kelp Crab]
  560. I Must be Color Blind! {Guadalupe cardinalfish]
  561. Eight Arms to Hold (And Eat) You [Two Spot Octopus Capturing Blacksmith]
  562. Too Much Hoop-Te-Do [ Lobster and Hoop Nets]
  563. Wasting Away [Sea Star Wasting Disease]
  564. Food Fit for a... Beggar [Lobster]
  565. Little Squidlies [Squid Eggs and Larvae]
  566. The Chestnut Cowrie
  567. That's a LOT of Bull [Northern Elephant Seals]
  568. A White Christmas! [Mating Market Squid, Part I)
  569. Caught in a Snow Storm [Mating Market Squid, Part II]
  570. Mating [Mating Market Squid, Part III]
  571. Big Head: The Man of the "House" {Cabezon Guarding Nest]
  572. Munching... and being Munched [Mating Market Squid, Part IV]
  573. That's a Lot of Blubber! [Northern Elephant Seals, Part I]
  574. Elephant Seals: Back from the Brink [Northern Elephant Seals, Part II]
  575. Sea "Weeds?"
  576. Got Milk? Why, No! [Obtaining Calcium in the Ocean]
  577. Go Your Own Way, I'll Go Mine [Northern Elephant Seals, Part III]
  578. Mating... But No Munching [Northern Elephant Seals, Part IV]
  579. The Other Kelp Crab [Northern Kelp Crab]
  580. "Bombs" and Basses [Aging Giant Sea Bass]
  581. Blacksmith Don't Get No Respect
  582. In the Mood... for Valentine's Day
  583. Scorpionfish "Sting"
  584. The Easter Hare... Er, Bunny [California Sea Hare]
  585. A Submarine "Selfie" [Two-spot Octopus and GoPro]
  586. A Monster Muncher [Navanax inermis]
  587. A Mother's Day Orgy [Kellet Whelk Mating]
  588. Invasion of the Fire Salps [Pyrosoma atlanticum]
  589. Eight Arms to Hold You [Octopus Mating]
  590. Driving Me Batty! {Bat Ray Season]
  591. Keyhole Currency [Giant Keyhole Limpet]
  592. Catalina's Coral "Reefs' [Colonial Cup Coral]
  593. Dr. Bill and the Argonauts [Paper Nautilus]
  594. Back from Bonaire
  595. The "Bass" are Back {Giant Sea Bass]
  596. The Butter Hamlet's "Slippery" Sex
  597. Mating and Munching of the Giant Escargot [Wavy Top Snail]
  598. The Little "Stinkers..." er, Stingers
  599. Blow Your Own Horn [Atlantic Trumpetfish]
  600. Cousteau Family Camp, 2014
  601. By-the-Wind Sailor Home from the Sea [Velella velella]
  602. Mating is Dangerous... Just Say NO! [Kelp Bass Takes Spawning Worm]
  603. Abalone Smoke During... Not After [Green Abalone Spawning]
  604. Such Sensitive and Mysterious Critters [Light-Sensitive Sea Cucumber]
  605. Who Needs the Tropics? [Guadalupe Cardinalfish]
  606. Another Warm Water Critter in Our Midst [Bunodeopsis Anemone]
  607. Don't Get Trigger Happy [Finescale Triggerfish]
  608. A Sea Full of Jelly... "Fish" [Solmaris jellies]
  609. Ranzania from Tasmania? Or Tanzania? [Slender Mola, Ranzania laevis]
  610. The Rise and Fall of the Kelp Forest [Warm Water Episode]
  611. "Butterflies..." But Not in My Tummy [Scythe Butterflyfish]
  612. A Fish Went a Croaking... Er, Courting [Black Croaker]
  613. A Real Example of Biodiversity
  614. The "Big Head" Is Back [Cabezon and Nest]
  615. I Want to Take You Higher [Kelp Crabs Mating in the Forest]
  616. Venus' Girdle [Ctenophora]
  617. How About a Little Perspective? [Scientific Disciplines]
  618. A "White" Christmas... for a Naughty Boy [White Abalone]
  619. Billions and Billions... Munched [Blacksmith and Plankton]
  620. No Words Are Adequate {Memorial Tribute to Tim Mitchell and Bruce Ryder]
  621. Silver Streaks That Go Bump in the Night [Atlantic Tarpon]
  622. In Winter a Fish's Fancy Turns To... [Giant Kelpfish Mating]
  623. Take It to the Cleaners [Señorita Cleaning]
  624. Sargassum Cascade, Part I
  625. Sargassum Cascade, Part II
  626. Birds That Swuim, Fish That Fly [Cormorants]
  627. We "Trashed" Our Dive [2015 Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup]
  628. Red Algae Do "It" Deeper [Algal Color]
  629. The Deep... But Without Jacqueline Bisset [Deep Water Kelp]
  630. A Thorny Topic [Thornback Rays]
  631. Hey, Chubby! [Sea Chubs, Kyphosidae]
  632. S'Not What You Think It Is [Yellow Sea Snot... Unidentified Snail Eggs]
  633. Float Like a Feather, Sting Like a Bee [Feather Hydroids]
  634. Palau... WOW!
  635. Happy Hookers [Palau]
  636. Palau Sharks
  637. Mayor of Blue Corner [Napoleon Wrasse, Palau]
  638. Barry Who? The Barramundi of Course [Palau]
  639. Feeling Sheepish... or a Bit Crabby [Sheep Crab]?
  640. The Invasion of the Tuna Crabs
  641. SCUBA Show 2015
  642. In Memoriam: Packy Offield
  643. The BLOB
  644. Tuna Crabs... A Closer Look
  645. The Gentle Giants Return [Giant Sea Bass]
  646. Rarity: Peltodoris mullineri
  647. The Mutual Eating Society [Food Chains and Webs]
  648. Be Not Afraid [Horn Shark]
  649. Lonely... Again? [The Whitetail Gregory or Damsel]
  650. A Sticky Subject: Sea Urchins [The White Urchin, Lytechinus anamesus]
  651. Poisons Make Bad Neighbors [Sargassum horneri Allelopathy]
  652. The Kelpfish Kiddies [Giant Kelpfish]
  653. Mass Murder in the Dive Park [Parazoanthus lucificum]
  654. The Star Thrower
  655. Egypt and The Big Red
  656. The "Bedouin" Camp [Roots Luxury Camp]
  657. Stumped by the Dragon Sea Moth
  658. A Sea of Angels [Red Sea Angelfish]
  659. Bountiful and Beautiful Butterflyfish [Red Sea]
  660. Making Babies! [Fish Babies]
  661. Would You Like Yours Black... or Green? [Green Turtle]
  662. Plain... or Guadalupe [Cardinalfish]
  663. Eco-Catastrophe Part One: The Algae
  664. Eco-Catastrophe Part Two: The Herbivores
  665. Eco-Catastrophe Part Three: The Predators
  666. Musically Inclined? Not Me! [Reef Cornetfish]
  667. A Star-Studded Event? [Star Studded Grouper]
  668. No Starry Night [Starfish Wasting Disease]
  669. This Really Bugs Me [Lobster]
  670. The "Blue Button" [Porpita porpita]
  671. Shark "Attack" [Horn Shark]
  672. A Diet of Worms [Chaetopterus variopedatus]
  673. You Old Fossil, You!
  674. Spawn of Satan [Impact of Sargassum horneri on invertebrate spawning]
  675. Baitfish Bye Bye?
  676. El Niño... Yes and "No"
  677. See... a Sea Horse!
  678. See Another Sea Horse [Pacific Seahorse]
  679. Geezer Gas [Nitrox]
  680. Vicious Beasts [Nudibranch Predators]
  681. Why Don't You Clam Up? [Piddock Clams]
  682. A Very Boring Life [Rock Boring Piddock Clams]
  683. Diamonds and Pearls [Winged Pearl Oyster]
  684. Drat This Drought [Palau Drought]
  685. Crabby, Crabby Night
  686. Night and Day: You Are The "One" [Night Colors"]
  687. Death by Starvation? [Dead Molluscs]
  688. Mistaken Identity? [Leafy Hornmouth or Three-Winged Murex?]
  689. Signs of Life [Kelp Meristems]
  690. Withering Away [Abalone Withering Syndrome]
  691. Mussel Beach [California Mussel]
  692. Don't Take My Breath Away [Respiration]
  693. SCUBA Show 2016
  694. A Great White Birthday (Great White Shark in the Dive Park)
  695. Maldives in Monsoon
  696. The Big Ones Are Back [Giant Sea Bass]
  697. Fish Owies
  698. Clean Up Your Act [Cleaning Behavior]
  699. The Nesting Instinct [Garibaldi Nests]
  700. Benny the Blenny Bites [Largemouth Blenny]
  701. Sink Your Teeth Into This One [Round Stingray]
  702. It's the Little Things in Life [Spirorbis tube worms]
  703. You Missed Me... I Missed This
  704. A Giant Among Kelpfish
  705. Leopards Don't Scare Me... or You! [Leopard Sharks]
  706. King Neptune's "Couch" Potatoes [Kelp Rockfish]
  707. We Have Pavilions... But Not Vons [Doug Aitken Pavilions]
  708. A Very Unusual Snipe Hunt [Longspine Snipefish]
  709. Disco Clam
  710. Dreams Can Come True, Part I [Cousteau's Rediscovery of the World]
  711. Dreams Can Come True, Part II [Cousteau's Rediscovery of the World]
  712. The Big Not-So-Bad Wolf [Wolf Eels]
  713. The Barbed Wire "Jellyfish [Siphonophore Apolemia]
  714. The Sharksucker Family [Remoras]
  715. The Sailfin Tang
  716. Finding Dory [Palette Surgeonfish]
  717. Marine Bacteria
  718. Sweetlips
  719. The Pavilions Ecosystem
  720. Avalon Harbor Clean-up 2017
  721. The Catalina Tile... fish [Ocean Whitefish]
  722. The Pisces [wreck]
  723. Like a Virgin... Dove for the Very First Time
  724. Longbone Disease [Dysbaric Osteonecrosis]
  725. The Black-Eyed Goby
  726. Not a SAFE Place for My Money!
  727. Her Deepness (Dr. Sylvia Earle)
  728. My Easter Egg Hunt [Aplysia californica]
  729. My Lucky Charms [Giant Sea Bass]
  730. SCUBA Show 2017
  731. Too Deep for Me [Red Sea Star, Mediaster aequalis]
  732. Sharks Are My Friends!
  733. Dangerous Liaisons... Not [White Feather Hydroid]
  734. Gentle Giants Need a Close Shave [Parasitic Copepods on Giant Sea Bass]
  735. Lightning is Striking Again... and Again [Panamic fanged blenny]
  736. Grunt, Growl and Hum... Hmmmm [Specklefin Midshipman]
  737. Fire Bodies [Pyrosoma atlanticum]
  738. Benny the Blenny Gets a Babe [Largemouth Blennies]
  739. Fish Poopies
  740. Farnsworth Banks' Lace Corals [Purple Hydrocoral]
  741. Lock Lips [Sheephead Mouthfighting]
  742. In Memory of... [Memorial Plaques]
  743. Alien Invaders
  744. Nudis [Nudibranchs]
  745. A Plastic Ocean
  746. Bat Ray Munching
  747. Bat Ray Mating
  748. The Stars Return [Sea Star Recovery]
  749. Ctenophores [Comb Jellies]
  750. From Us to Them [Marine Diseases]
  751. Playing Catch at Pirate's Cove [Harbor Seal]
  752. The Green Flush
  753. The Red, White and Blue [Fish Flesh]
  754. A Nudi by Any Other Name [Hermissenda opalescens]
  755. FisHistory, Part I
  756. Orbicular Cardinalfish [Jellyfish Lake, Palau]
  757. FisHistory, Part II
  758. Help Me Find My Identity [Red Spotted Starfish]
  759. Back in the Daze [Diving Catalina in the 1960s and 1970s]
  760. The Giant Pyrosome [Pyrosoma spinosum]
  761. And You Thought Sharks Were Deadly!
  762. Trivia Pursuit [Solander's Coffeebean]

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